Test Engineering

Strength of a manufacturing service provider is the reliability of the manufactured products. That reliability is directly dependent on how the product is tested. Most manufacturers follow a 4 step testing process;

  • In-circuit tester (ICT) used for testing the assembled PCBAs. These ICTs help to identify a defective part in the just assembled board.
  • Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) – Automatic tester are typically used for testing the functionality of the product as a whole. If the product’s PCB assembly process is robust and a ATE is good test the product and qualify.
  • Calibration of Products – Products which measure external parameters. Calibration is key for the success of the product manufactured. Calibration of a product needs understanding of the product function, Statistical Process Controls and above all documentation.
  • Finally when products are meant for global markets product meets the international standards. When a product needs calibration it needs careful attention from the design phase to ensure the calibration of the system is implemented as part of the system, the circuitry needs large interval for calibration and above very easy to calibrate preferably digital.

Zettaone Technologies can help the clients in developing design which are testable through i to the PCBA and whole product for quick testing. Above all can support the clients in the cali calibration process.
Another key aspect associated with the Testing is the initializing the products which are just a programming ports which normally will be JTAG but microcontroller vendors do support othe programming stations.
With the emergence of need for “Root of Trust” which enables every product that is manufact process) and also periodically authorised so that there are no security issues. Zettaone can standards

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