Telecom industry has transformed from a wireline based classical telecom technology to Wireless based packet based technology. This not only transformed the way telecom products are designed and manufactured. Today, wireless technologies represent a rapidly emerging area of growth and importance for providing ubiquitous access to the network for all. This sector has been witnessing huge growth in the last few of years. This is mainly due to the phenomenal penetration of the cellular communication to the masses.
Wireless technology finds applications in different verticals such as Telecommunication, consumer, computing, Medical, Avionics, Industrial and Home automation.
Zettaone Technologies is conversant with wireless technologies like 4G, 5G, WIFI, Ethernet, LoRA, Bluetooth 5, GPS, ZigBee & RFID technologies. Wireless system design and manufacturing needs critical skills like;

  • Hardware Design and Engineering (digital, analog and RF Circuits)
  • Complex PCB engineering especially high speed design and high power capacity
  • Firmware ( Bare metal, RTOS, Linux, BSP, UBOOT, POST, BIST etc.)
  • Mechanical Design - Enclosures based on Sheet Metal, Die Cast, Plastic etc.
  • Automatic Test Equipment for functional test and endurance testing
  • Product interoperability and Compliance test service