Zettaone Technologies is one of the few companies can convert your designs into a final product with its manufacturing service and the portfolio of pointed services which will help the customers in the business. Zettaone Technologies manufacturing service caters to prototyping and medium volume production. Biggest value add that Zettaone can bring to the table is the New Product Introduction (NPI) process. In the development of electronic products prototyping phase proves the concept and the value that is offered by the product. But if the product has to be made in volumes and expected quality & cost . Zettaone Technologies with its expertise in the product design has developed a process which aid the NPI to be smooth and easy when the product is transitioned to the manufacturing line.

Zettaone Technologies manufacturing service is anchored by the State of the art SMT line in Krishnagiri. Manufacturing service bouquet of Zettaone Technologies offers;

  • Component Engineering
  • Supply chain
  • PCB Engineering
  • Test Engineering
  • Manufacturing Service

Zettaone Technologies being an end-to-end product design and engineering company, has developed deep expertise in component engineer by virtue of its manufacturing capability and long relationship with vendors.

Zettaone Technologies has well-structured Components Engineering process covering;

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Components engineering team also helps customer to choose the right product package to manage manufacturing issues, lead time issues and cost issues. Components engineering team also handle all the regulatory needs like RoHS, REACH and other environmental standards compliance

Component Engineering Process

  • BOM Analysis
  • Alternate Part Identifi cation
  • Database Management Component Cost reduction
  • BOM Validation
  • Component Lifecycle Management
  • Obsolescence Management & Risk assessment
  • ROHS & REACH certifi cation
  • Vendor interaction for Obsolescence & product life cycle
  • Engineering Services and document control Support
  • Tooling and Mechanical parts vendor development
  • ECR/ECN management for customers who opt for this
  • 3D Prototyping for prototypes

Component Engineering Process highlights

  • Parts are procured from authorized distributors
  • Suppliers are on boarded after stringent selection , evaluation and qualifi cation
  • COC for the all the parts procured
  • Suppliers are rated and monitored on-going process

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