Industrial Systems have to operate in very challenging environments. Parameters like noisy mains supply, rough environment with temperature, humidity, dust, water and sound are order of the day.
In addition, the industry is operators dependent and they need to be trained to be conversant with the operations. This training is continuous as compliance to plethora of safety standards has become a must.
The industrial system mandate safety as a main criteria and products have to be designed to meet stringent standards.
This calls for critical skills like designing, engineering and manufacturing practices which will make the products;

  • Reliable
  • Robust
  • Accurate
  • Easy to repair

Zettaone Technologies has been working with multiple leaders of industrial systems and conversant industrial system design, engineering and manufacturing. Zettaone Technologies is one the preferred partners for most tier one Industrial System OEMs Some of the areas Zettaone has developed and delivered are; Safety critical Systems, Industrial IoT etc.