Product Engineering

Engineer your idea to product faster with our intelligence.

Firmware / Software

Embedded firmware is used to provide capabilities of flash memory chip.

PCB Layout Design

Realize complex layouts through our experienced team.

Design Analysis

SI, PI & Thermal Analysis are key factors for High-Speed Interfaces.

EMS Service

Our manufactruing services ranging from SMT & Through-Hole PCB Assemblies to complete packaged products.

Mechanical Design

We give best services for all industries who work with us.

"Zettaone is branded by its Expertise, Commitment and High Standard of Quality"

Welcome to Zettaone

Zettaone Technologies, established in 2007 and offering End-End engineering consulting services to multiple industry segments like Semiconductor, Automotive, Industrial, IoT and Telecommunication. We have a highly capable team of System Architect to Product Application / Support Professionals who know how to drive the project and deliver results.

Solution By Market


Solutions and services focus on key issues across the automotive value chain from suppliers to consumers.


A semiconductor is a crystal material whose ability to conduct electricity rises as its temperature goes up.

Internet of Things

It becoming an increasingly growing topic of conversation both in the workplace and outside of it.


Backed by some of the biggest names in the industry, Firefox OS is an open platform that fosters greater.

Here we give big hands to support your project 24/7