Manufacturing Services

Zettaone Technologies biggest strength is its manufacturing line and ability to manufacture prototype or large volume with consistent quality. Zettaone Technologies unique process for assembling 4-5 number prototypes through automated pick & place assembly ensure even prototypes are close to same as the fi nal product.
Zettaone Technologies Component Engineering & SMT assembly process covering PCB Engineering, DFx and Assembly line recipe programming ensures customers get consistent quality at optimized time and cost.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Fine Pitch Assembly down to 01005/0201 Size Components
  • High Accuracy Placement down to 0.2mm Pitch Devices
  • Flex Circuit Assembly Expertise
  • Sequential Assembly for Systematic Board Bring-up
  • uBGA Assembly and Rework
  • BGA, uBGA Placement, Re-Balling & Rework
  • High Intensity X-Ray Inspection
  • Press fi t/Harness Assembly
  • Cleaning
  • IPC-A-610-x Certifi ed Engineers
  • DFx Analysis

Our Unique Processes

  • Zettaone has manufactured small board as small as 5×5 mm size
  • Transplanting of BGA from one PCBA to another with 100% yield (process covers BGA removal, Re-balling and resolder (BGA in another PCBA)
  • Assembly of Package on Package (PoP)
  • Sequential Assembly for Systematic Board Bring-up
  • AS9100 C and ISO 9001 certifi ed facility

Our Manufacturing infrastructure

  • 10000 Sq ft ESD safe & dust free workspace
  • Automatic Screen Printer- Dek
  • 3D-Solder paste Inspection system
  • Pick & Place data- MYDATA MY300LX-11 with 16000CPH
  • Refl ow- JT 10 Zone + with Nitrogen ready – Pb Oven
  • X-Ray –XAVIS XSCAN 100A 2.5D
  • Dry Cabinet- Storage for Humidity & temperature storage
  • 7CH-Refl ow profi ler- KIC
  • JBC- Temperature controlled soldering stations.
  • Capability of handling 0201 to IC, QFP, QFN BGA CSP’s (Up to 0.2mm pitch)
  • BGA Rework – Seamark ZM
  • Rework Stations
  • Baking Oven

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