Component Engineering


Along with the PCB Library development, Zettaone offers Obsolescence Management services. Nowadays obsolescence is almost unpreventable because of not only the rapid technological changes, but also the changing market demand day by day. Obsolescence process is based on component life cycle to identify the impacts through all stages of the product’s life cycle. To ensure the effective implementation of obsolescence management it is important to implement a process. We do have a team of professionals who work on this process and continuous improvements. The part lifecycle information is kept as fresh as 3 months and our experts can suggest you replacements for possible risk parts which are being obsolete. We also provide customized solutions to suit your need.

  • Early detection of risk components
  • Avoiding redesigns to save time and money
  • Highest data quality via active integration into the supply chain
  • Consistency due to clearly defi ned, stable process
  • BOM Scrubbing
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Symbol / IPC Compliant Footprint & 3D Step Model Development
  • Complies with IPC 7351 / ANSI


  • Part Lifecycle identifi cation
  • Component Risk Analysis
  • Product Change/Discontinue Notifi cation
  • Alternate suggestion / Drop in replacement
  • FFF (Form-Fit-Function Alternates)
  • FM (Functional Match) – which may require layout change
  • CM (Close Match) – with technical parameters almost matching, no layout change drop in replacement
  • BoM cleansing involves validation and correction of 3 key components for each item ordered: part number, component description, and name of manufacturer.

The table indicates how we can help you identify alternate sources in case you missed your Last Time Buy for any parts being obsolete

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